Coventry Transport Museum Revisited

Coventry is a museum of ancient history, but the first thing you get when you come to Coventry is its modern look. Coventry was completely rebuilt in order to remain small from the original city, which was here for more than a thousand years. The result was a planned city with gardens, gardens and walking streets.
However, if you are a history lover and like to view historical sites, you will find great interest. Many of the historical caches of the city remain, and the city is full of science and mythology. For one reason, this is the famous city of Lady Godiva, who lived here in the eleventh century. Today, a statue of this bold mistress stands in shopping centre Candice Linz, and the festival every month celebrated his famous journey through the city.
For mobile use, visit the St. Michael's Cathedral, which was built near the ruins of the old cathedral, which was destroyed during the raid. The ruins of the tower, the tower and the outer wall.
Other historical delights not to be missed include the Holy Trinity Priory Cottages, Ford Hospital, Old Bableykskuyu school and Baptist St. John's Church. In particular, a walk along Spoon Street is very useful, because it stands as a living museum in the historical past of the city.
St. Mary's Guildhall is an excellent testament to Coventry's commercial heritage. Here medieval traders are going to talk about today's problems. Once selected as a prison for Queen of Scots, it differs colourful glass windows, furniture and the statue of Lady Godiva.
To see the past of Coventry in one place, visit the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. Here you can go through a long past through an interactive screen. To familiarize yourself with the role of the city in the industrial revolution, visit the British Museum of Land Transport. This gives you the opportunity to make an impression on the world's largest collection of old cars made in the UK, including Benny Furuta and Trust 2, the former owner of the Register of the Earth.
When you filled out museums and historical sites, we would be happy to know that Coventry does not slouch when it comes to entertainment. Theatre lovers can visit the Belgrade Theater, Criterion Theater and SkyDome, located in the city centre. At the same time, the Warwick Arts Center, a huge art complex, is located at the University of Warwick, a short drive from the city. In the centre of Coventry, there are also many clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, and local businesses such as Steamy Carpet Cleaner of Coventry.
The next great thing about Coventry is accommodation. Coventry hotels range from inexpensive rooms to world-class hotels. If you are looking for a suitable venue for organized events, the conference rooms in Coventry provide an ideal venue for meetings, seminars and conferences of all kinds. You can get the driving directions here.

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